Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013


By #JenderalLuten / #GeneralLuten / @wurryparluten / Wurry Parluten

#BilSolut 1. My friend write about "our fog" in Singapore. He says, "It's their fault, not us".
#BilSolut 2. I like his statement, because the problem start from their company (Foreign Company). They exploit our forests.
#BilSolut 3. As we know before, there are many foreign company in Sumatra. They rape our forest with the power of money.
#BilSolut 4. Sometime we call this "investment", but in another style we say this "colonialism". Sounds like Batavia era.
#BilSolut 5. But for me not like that. We worry because we have ATTITUDE.

#BilSolut 6. When the foreign company come to Indonesia, we agree with a deal. I mean, it's win win solution.
#BilSolut 7. If there are side effect for that deal (like fog case), its mean #BilateralProblem.
#BilSolut 8. #BilateralProblem must be finish with #BilateralSolution.
#BilSolut 9. Like relationship between boy and girl. Problem must be finished with love.
#BilSolut 10. With love we can making war, with love we can making peace.

#BilSolut aka #BilateralSolution by #JenderalLuten to President @SBYudhoyono

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