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@SBYudhoyono only following by 1,08688% Indonesian Population

Link : Jenderal Luten / Dwi Yulius Kaisal) 

This article from hashtag in twitter #SBYversusGTEN 

SBY is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President Republic of Indonesia. He has an acoount twitter named @SBYudhoyono. You can click that link, and you can see, how many his followers.

In this time, I want to talk about  about percentage account @SBYudhoyono.

As a President, @SBYudhoyono leads about 237.424.363 Indonesian peoples. Data from 2011 census Indonesia Population.

This is the print screen Indonesian Population.

And then we see twitter account @SBYudhoyono. Total 2.580.514 followers.

This is the picture SBY Followers about an hour ago

My question is... How many percentage between, account @SBYudhoyono and Indonesian Population?

The calculation like this... 

2.580.514 / 237.424.363 x 100 = 1,08688%.

So @SBYudhoyono only following by 1,08688% Indonesian Population.

What's going on? Hmmmm... 

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