Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

Indonesian Economic Health

First, I search from google. So I find this link Economic Expansion. One sentence I like, this: "Global conditions may influence the levels of economic activity in various countries". So my mind imagine about ASEAN, ASIA and then WORLD. They are  The Circles of Indonesia Relationship

The question is, What kind of influences can make Indonesian Economic Activity? Did They make Indonesian Economic Health not good?

For example, a Demonstration in Turkey. Are there relationship between that and Price a Cup Of Coffee in our village?

Economists (We call 'He') say "yes". But for Coffee Waitress (We call 'She'), "No, there is not". She argues that Price a Cup of Coffee influence by Fuel Oil's Price. Simple but more pragmatic (like he said). And then, He and She (We call 'They') will build a dream together. No matter what the world (We call 'Issue') say.

So the story begin from... They fight issue till death do them apart. So I call this... They change the world. Minimal, They change their world for Their Economic Health.

Indonesian Economic Health by #GeneralLuten aka #JenderalLuten

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