Jumat, 28 Juni 2013

Depend on Rubber Prices

Gelumbang located in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Zip code for Gelumbang is 31171. Gelumbang is capital of the district. This is distance Gelumbang and the others city…

Gelumbang – Palembang = 58 km

Gelumbang – Muara Enim = 119 km

58 km

Most people in Gelumbang live from rubber plantation. If rubber prices down, economy down. We depend from rubber price.  Something like we don’t have another choice. Yeah, it’s true. Many people agree for that term.

When I study about economic development, I have one question for that case. Why we depend from rubber price? Like we don’t have another choice in life. But this time is  Creative Economy Era for the people of Indonesia. Why we still confuse and living from rubber plantation? There are many choices for us. Don’t be afraid (I mean, talk to myself).

When I meet Syahrul Yasin Limpo, Governor of South Sulawesi, he teach me about Human Resources. If we don’t have Natural Resources for exploitation, we can maximize Human Resources. Until now, I still learn about that sentence. Sounds like a easy plan, but no.

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  1. Yasin Limpo is Right, Human Resources is not only an alternative for unavailability of natural resources exploitation, but also the most important key element for any development.

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  2. Okay. Thanks before! Are you from Tambangan Kelekar?